Yay me!

23 Nov

I found someone to teach me how to spin yarn! She is located an hour away but it’s all 4-lane highway so it should be easy driving. She starts you out with a spindle. I’ve been practicing on the spindle I have but I stink at that kind of spinning as much as I stink at spinning on a wheel. After the first lesson, you move to a spinning wheel. The really cool thing is that she has LOTS of wheels and will lend you one for the week to practice on. I get to try different kinds of wheels because they are set up differently and then I can make an educated purchase (if I so desire and if I can actually learn how to do this spinning thing)!

Spinning has me so perplexed. I have been able to teach myself how to knit, crochet , quilt, you name it. But spinning? I have watched videos, purchased books, read about it on the Internet… But can’t spin anything except thick and thin rope that is kinky in some spots and hardly twisted in others. So, as you can tell, I’m very excited to about this series of lessons that I’m about to embark on!

And… I started another sock.


I know I said I was going to take a break from knitting for a while. Maybe do a bit of quilting. But, with Thanksgiving coming up and finals two weeks after that, I decided I needed some mindless knitting to calm my nerves and keep my mind occupied. I am knitting a pattern I’ve knit before – Hermoine’s Everyday Socks. I rarely knit a pattern twice because there are so many good patterns out there, so why repeat? But , as I said, these have an easy 4-row pattern and I don’t have to think much to knit them. Why not just knit plain stockinette ? Patterns make me slow down and enjoy the knitting plus give me mini-goals. “I’ll just sit and knit 4 rows”. Then I go do other things. I am knitting these toe up even though the pattern is written cuff down. I like toe up socks better. 😊

On the Homefront, I am in a cleaning frenzy. We are remodeling our family room. I’ve cleaned and organized that room. We have carpet and tile ordered and scheduled to install during the first week of December. I ordered new curtains and don’t like them. They will go in DJs room instead I think.

Yesterday I moved to the kitchen. Gianna and I have been emptying cupboards and cleaning them out. I’m about halfway through that process. Just how many coffee mugs does one family need? Why do we save bottoms with no lids? The garbage cans are filling up with expired food and broken gadgets that have been cluttering up the place. Im spending a fortune on organization containers but it feels good to get a bit organized. I hope to have the kitchen cleaned by Thanksgiving.


One Response to “Yay me!”

  1. bsburgess November 23, 2014 at 2:16 PM #

    Yay, on the spinning lessons! Based on all the other “how hard can it be?” crafty skills you have, it must be tricky. I’m sure there will be a “ah ha” moment in the first lesson. I can relate with the coffee cups and we don’t even drink coffee. I donated all my misc coffee cups (15) this summer and only kept the 8 coffee cups and 4 mugs that go with my dishes. Sounds like you’re on a real roll with the cleaning.

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