Moody’s Stockings

4 Nov

I’ve started (and restarted) another pair of socks. This time, I’m using a heather gray yarn. The pattern is called Moody’s Stockings – named after the Harry Potter character of the same name.

The pattern doesn’t show up as well with the heather yarn, but I’ll be able to see it.

I originally started a pair called Dumbledore’s Stockings. But I frogged those. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the stitch pattern. I cast on 64 stitches, but the pattern was not divisible by 8, but instead by 10. How was that going to work out? It obviously does because a lot of knitters have knit those socks, but I just couldn’t.

I have a hard time starting cuff down socks on circular needles. For this pair I broke out the size 1 double points and did the first few rows in those then knit onto the circulars. That worked well. I will do that again instead of fighting with beginning on circs. Next time I might then cast on with size 2 to give me a bit more wiggle room on that first row. I tend to cast on too tightly.

Off to work!


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