Sock Pattern

23 Oct

I looked at some patterns on Ravelry but decided to make up my own. I got out one of my Stitch Dictionary books and looked at lace and cables. I immediately found a lace pattern I liked called Turtle Tracks.

The pattern says it’s 8+2 repeat. But when you knit in the round, you eliminate the +2 part. Also, stitch dictionaries give instructions on knitting a piece flat where there is a right side and a wrong side. Socks are knit in the round and there is only a right side. Therefore, every wrong side row has to have the knits and purls reversed to turn it into a right side row. Finally, the pattern has to be centered across the 8-stitch repeat so instead of “knit 6 purl 2”, it needs to be “purl 1 knit 6 purl 1”. How do I know all this? I’ve knit a million pairs of socks!

Next step was to chart out the new and improved pattern.

As you can see, I’ve used my high tech tools of scrap paper and pen. 😊. I may or may not transfer these notations to a spreadsheet and print them out neatly but at 5am, paper and pen work just fine.

After the first 16 rounds/rows…

Yep, this looks like a winner.

I’m sure someone has a sock pattern out there with this stitch. But I still like to feel that I’ve created something unique. Happy knitting!


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