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Another Pair of Socks Finished

31 Oct

These are winners. I really like Cascades sock yarn. I like the colors and the squishy feel to it. Solid socks are my favorite (as opposed to variegated yarn). The patterns can be seen so much better. I like to knit socks with lace or cables because it’s less boring than plain ole stockinette.

What’s next?i need black or at least dark gray socks. I have a few skeins to pick from. I think I’ll start those some time this week. In the meantime, I hope to get some sewing done.



25 Oct

The two feet are done and it’s on to the gusset. I am down with a cold, so when I wasn’t sleeping yesterday, I knit a few rows here and there. I’m surprised I didn’t have to rip out any rows because the cold medicine really makes me out of it. After sleeping two solid nights plus taking two naps during the day yesterday, I’m feeling better today.

Sock Pattern

23 Oct

I looked at some patterns on Ravelry but decided to make up my own. I got out one of my Stitch Dictionary books and looked at lace and cables. I immediately found a lace pattern I liked called Turtle Tracks.

The pattern says it’s 8+2 repeat. But when you knit in the round, you eliminate the +2 part. Also, stitch dictionaries give instructions on knitting a piece flat where there is a right side and a wrong side. Socks are knit in the round and there is only a right side. Therefore, every wrong side row has to have the knits and purls reversed to turn it into a right side row. Finally, the pattern has to be centered across the 8-stitch repeat so instead of “knit 6 purl 2”, it needs to be “purl 1 knit 6 purl 1”. How do I know all this? I’ve knit a million pairs of socks!

Next step was to chart out the new and improved pattern.

As you can see, I’ve used my high tech tools of scrap paper and pen. 😊. I may or may not transfer these notations to a spreadsheet and print them out neatly but at 5am, paper and pen work just fine.

After the first 16 rounds/rows…

Yep, this looks like a winner.

I’m sure someone has a sock pattern out there with this stitch. But I still like to feel that I’ve created something unique. Happy knitting!

A Couple Of Projects

22 Oct

I’ve started knitting a new pair of socks.


I don’t know what pattern they will be yet. I’ve got 64 stitches in those toes so I’ll have to browse my sock patterns for a stitch that’s repeatable by 4s or 8s. The yarn is a nice blue – I believe it’s Cascade sock yarn. I always work on two socks at a time – but separately. So I knit one toe, stop, knit the other. I find that I don’t have second sock syndrome (for non-knitters that’s where you make one sock and then either don’t get around to the second sock or it takes FOREVER). I also like that it sets mini-goals that I can reach. These socks will take a while because knitting time is hard to find these days.

Last night I blocked a “Brickless” scarf that I knitted up a while ago but just didn’t block.


I didn’t get around to blocking it because it wasn’t scarf season! But now that fall is upon us, I want to wear this new creation! The yarn was a purchase I made last December when DJ sat for the SAT test to get into IMSA and I hit the two yarn stores in Bloomington , IL. The brand is “Mountain Colors Crazyfoot” in color way “Harmoney Aspen”. The color is rich and the yarn was squishy and nice. However, it bled like a son-of-a-gun when I soaked it. The pattern called for worsted weight yarn and size 6 needles. I used fingering weight (although it seemed a bit closer to sport weight – so I’ll call it a heavy fingering weight) with a size 5 needles. The pattern called for 6 total repeats and I did 5. I like the size and weight of it. I do believe I’ll make this scarf again sometime.

I’m still here

16 Oct

I dislocated my thumb so sewing and knitting has been at a standstill. Although recently, I’ve been able to knit for a few rows. I can’t squeeze very well with my left hand – it’s still sore.

I’ve had a heck of a few weeks! It seems I wake up on Monday and before you know it – it’s Friday!

Today, after putting in three consecutive 12+ hour days, I came home and made homemade chicken and dumpling soup using this recipe.

I didn’t have chicken broth so I made my own using bouillon. I didn’t have canned biscuits so I made my own dumplings using this recipe. It was FANTASTIC! I had everything in my cupboard but still ran out to get a loaf of day old bread from Jimmy Johns for $0.50. A nice relaxing night of doing nothing was just the dessert for that perfect meal.

IMG_0576.JPG (Not my actual soup – picture borrowed from the Pillsbury website/recipe)