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More Hexagons

13 Sep


I’m plugging away at these hexagons. The wrinkly ones have the paper removed. It will look fine once I get farther. I try to work on the hexagons about 15-30 minutes a day.

But the real news is that I’m cleaning out my basement crawl space. It’s bad. We just throw everything in the world down there saying that we will deal with it later. Well now is LATER! I can’t take it anymore. Gianna and I spent two hours today on cleaning out the crawl space. I’m embarrassed to say that’s not nearly enough. But the good news is we made a huge dent with a lot going into the garbage and a trunkful going to Goodwill.


What’s Happening

7 Sep

Softball, work, visiting Dj, worrying about Dj…. That’s pretty much consuming my time!

I knitted an infinity scarf out if some pink yarn I had laying around. No pics of that yet. I’m going to block it today.

I balled up some yarn to start a new pair of socks some time in the near future.

I tried my hand at EPP – English Paper Piecing. It’s frustrating because no matter what technique I try, I can still see my stitches.

From far away it doesn’t look too bad.

Up close? Not so good.

I’ll probably make it big enough for a pillow to hand quilt and then drop it again for another day.

That’s it for the stress-relieving crafting here. We went up for Parents’ Day at DJ’s school. He seems to be doing okay. His classes are very intense already and just going to get more so. Japanese is kicking his butt and he’s spending quite a bit of time trying to get a grasp on that. Math is great. Science ? Don’t know how he’s doing but all of us really like his instructor. History is good and who knows about English?? He’s getting B’s so far which means you are doing what’s expected. Below 70% is failing. A’s are only given out on exceptional cases. Weird? Yes. Not what everyone who is there is used to, that’s for sure. They were all straight A students at their old high school, so it’s stressful for them to see B’s and C’s on their assignments.

Dj is a little homesick. He will come home every other weekend – or at least that is the plan. But he can come home every weekend if necessary. His friends from home want to visit soon also.

Wish I could show more progress on the scrappy quilt, but I haven’t worked at all on it. Between groceries, laundry, and straightening the house (oh, and don’t forget softball practice), not much will be done on that project today either.