Gray Too Dark?

22 Sep

I feel like the gray I’ve chosen is too dark. When I change the photo to black and white, the contrast is still good. But I don’t know… Seems like it’s going to overwhelm the star in the middle instead of accent it. I don’t think I have any other grays in my stash. Hmmm…. Need to let this sit a bit and see.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day. We had a total breakdown of girl hormones at softball practice. The coaches are truly nice guys who are constructively criticizing the girls to help them get better, but the girls feel overwhelmed and have no self-confidence so they feel the criticism without the constructive-ness. And, being a girl, I can see how the girls are feeling. They feel like three coaches are telling them what they are doing wrong while a beacon of light shines only on them. The other girls are watching them get corrected and it’s too much to bear. So we’ve got two girls in tears. I’m talking to one on a car who wants to quit because she’s “the worst one on the team” (her words)…. Then I come out of that crisis to talk to another who is holding back the tears and anger and her frustration is spilling over. The coaches stopped the practice twice to calmly point out that no one is being picked on, they want to help the girls take their game to the next level. But what you feel as a 13 year old girl and what others see as reality can be two different things. What’s my role in all this? I’m not really a coach (by choice ) but I try to be the one on the field saying the positive things. Yesterday I was not doing that because of the “girl-in-the-car issue”. Ugh…

After leaving practice a little early, I had to race home to take DJ back to school. It’s an hour and ten minute drive. I didn’t do my usual walk through but just loaded his laundry into the trunk, asked if he had everything, ran through a mental checklist and we took off. Got to his school before realizing that we left his keys to get in his dorm, dorm room, school, and his school ID which gives him eating privileges sitting on the kitchen table. Oh… And some Japanese worksheets. I was going to fed ex them to him overnight but his mailbox key was on the lanyard too. Of course. So I woke up this morning, took a personal day, got into the car and met him during his break at noon to drop off the things he forgot. I can take two different routes to his school. Yesterday he and I saw a small fender bender on the way there (that evidently still required an ambulance) and then I saw a bad accident on the way home that needed a fire truck, 4 squad cars, and two ambulances. Traffic was backed up and re routed. Last week there was a plane crash on the same road (there is a small aircraft landing strip near that stretch of road). Today I took the expressway / tollway there and back. It’s 5-10 minutes longer but I am just spooked by the danger of the other, shorter two lane route.


2 Responses to “Gray Too Dark?”

  1. norasquiltblog September 23, 2014 at 4:23 AM #

    The colours on your EQ7 plan looks perfect in my opinion, according to that plan seems that fabric a bit dark to me, too, but to be honest I see light blue instead of grey on the photo. Anyway, I really like your hexagon quilt design.

  2. bsburgess September 23, 2014 at 4:59 AM #

    What a big bummer on the forgotten items. Last time for that by using a checksheet before you head back.

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