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DJ is Good

29 Aug

Whew. After 10 days of DJ’s new boarding school, we picked him up and brought him home for an extended holiday weekend. Dj is not very good at communicating via phone calls and text. So we (all the family here) were so concerned about him. The monosyllable answers, the ignoring of texts and details… Was he doing okay? How were classes? Has he made any friends or does he seem to fit in?
Not to worry. An hour long drive home and he really opened up. He’s doing well! Classes are good, he has people he palls around with, everything seems great. He is bubbly and glad to be home to see his friends here, but on a scale of 1-10 he gives the first week and a half an 8. That will allow ME to sleep tonight!

I don’t think I posted any pictures of Gianna’s new quilt in her room on her bed. Here are some from her freshly made bed today.




Have a good holiday weekend!