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A Breather

22 Aug

My first week of school has ended fairly successfully. I say only fairly successfully because the bookstore is under new management and they have messed up almost every single book order. Most have been resolved but I’m still short numerous copies for my students. I’m not the only one – all classes and teachers are having trouble.

We got DJ moved in fine on Wednesday. His conversations and text messages are positive. We actually see him again tomorrow for some kind of “carnival”. I will take pictures – I forgot when moving him. His air conditioning didn’t work in his room but apparently it’s fixed as of today. Or so he says… We will bring other necessities such as coffee grounds with us!

I just now finished my washcloth.


I like how one side is bumpy and one side is relatively smooth. I also like the no-brainier of a two row pattern.

Gianna and I took a quick trip to Goodwill today. They have the sweaters out already. I haven’t unraveled all the ones I bought last year yet so I didn’t even go over to those racks. 🙂

But Gianna wanted to do a “Fashionista” project. We follow a blog where a woman buys clothes from thrift store and remakes them to be in fashion and refits them to her shape. Here is Gianna’s find – a dress that we will hack off the top part to make a nice fitted skirt.




The top doesn’t fit her anyway. She’s going to add exposed zippers along the sides and lace peaking out the bottom. It should be quick and interesting if she/we can pull it off.

I’m headed downstairs to sew for the first time in a long time!