A Lot Of Nothing

31 Jul

Man, I can procrastinate with the best of them! Tomorrow is August 1 and I really need to hit school prep hard! But I’m finding all of these other things to do instead. In my defense, the school forgot to order my server and I really can’t move forward in my main lab without it. And, also in my defense, I have been going out to the college to do little things here and there. But deep down I know I’ll be in full panic mode shortly if I don’t step up the pace.

I did finish Anne’s block.

I will get it in the mail today.

And I started looking at what to do with all those 3″ 9-patches I made as leader and enders.
Option 1: another better with cheddar quilt.

The only picture I found was of me quilting it. But you get the idea. I love that quilt. It’s only 72″ x 72″ and used 225 3″ 9-patches! I currently have 48.

Option 2: I saw this picture on Pinterest.

Now that’s cool. But you’d have to be dead on with your 1/4″ for that to work out.

I have mostly the 9-patches with the darks in the corners – what I call X’s (as opposed to pluses). Side note: my punctuation skills are lacking. Should that apostrophe be there for the X’s? And if so, should it be plus’s? Or should I just go with +’s instead to be consistent? Grammar police, help out here because I’m too lazy to look it up myself.

Back to the quilts: I’m going to try to make a few more of the plus-type of 9-patches so I have options. (see how I avoided the punctuation dilemma by rewording?)

Finally, I have walked slightly over 40 miles this month.

I’m pretty darned proud of that! I’ve slowed down in speed this week because I’ve been listening to podcasts while I walk. I don’t walk as fast when I listen apparently. I like “Hello Internet” because I adore the YouTube videos of both CPG Grey and Brady Haran. I also enjoy “Radio Lab” and “Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History”. DJ has turned me on to all of these and they are really great! I’ve also been listening to them while I quilt (when I get tired of Pandora Broadway Showtunes radio).

Alright already! I’m done procrastinating and will get to work for a bit.


One Response to “A Lot Of Nothing”

  1. bsburgess July 31, 2014 at 5:52 PM #

    I really like the Pinterest quilt and I think your 9 patches will be just fine. But do you have enough pins 🙂 That “Better With Cheddar” quilt is the best! Great job on the walking. Keep up the good work!

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