So Much To Do

16 Jul

…and so little time.

I finished my scarf.

I took the picture on the outside patio table so it shows the actual color. It’s a nice teal color unlike any other scarf I currently have. It’s soaking in the sink right now and I’ll block it today.

What’s next? Well, I have to stop my current piecing project of shoo-fly blocks to whip up an emergency project. This is how I get UFOs by the way! The emergency project is DJ’s dorm quilt! We’ve decided to do at shirt quilt. By “we” I mean my sister and I. She is coming down for a quick retreat at my house and we are going to get it kicked out in 2 days. Yep – piecing and quilting and binding. A finished quilt in two days! We’ve done it before, we work well under pressure evidently. Here is the design.


I think I need another gray and another blue shirt right now. I’m doing laundry and trying to find the ones that he has identified.

So today brings: cleaning the basement sewing room in anticipation of my sister coming here; possibly prepping the shirts with the interfacing; doing more prep for him to leave. That last bit involves buying stuff for his dorm room, getting his final transcripts released from his old school, getting him an ATM card. Those kinds of things.


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