Walking Again

9 Jul

I’m doing terrible at dieting this summer. With all the softball, we were never home for supper so it seemed we were always eating on the go. This week I started walking with Hawk again. I think we both benefit! I joined the Purina Dog Walking Challenge to help motivate me.


It’s part of my “Map My Walk” app. I walk each day with Hawk and my phone records the route and the pace and distance. The app automatically logs it with the challenge site. They give you encouragement and those little badges or awards. If you complete the challenge (20 walks in 45 days), then you get coupons for dog related products and other prizes. Kinda cool motivation, don’t you think?

I also swam laps with DJ last night. For someone who has an in ground pool in her back yard, I stink at swimming! DJ tries to do 10 laps a day. I did 5 last night but they were one length of freestyle, one length of floating on my back. Then a short break. Swimming is just excruciating!

I put my knitting away again for the summer. So now what to do when I’m sitting in the living room? Appliqué? Hand quilting? Hand piecing? Not sure yet.


One Response to “Walking Again”

  1. bsburgess July 11, 2014 at 4:47 PM #

    I’m starting this Monday. And this time I mean it!

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