Time On My Hands

7 Jul

Since softball has ended, I find there is more time to get some stuff done around here! Gianna and I bought some inexpensive flower baskets ($3.50 each – thanks Mom for that tip!) and finally got some flowers planted back by the pool. We added some solar lighting too. We need to do another hour of work at most back there and that will be done. I’ll post pictures this week of what we did.

We had a pool party on Saturday for her travel softball team and we are scheduled to have one tonight for her city ball team. We grill hot dogs, have chips, and watermelon. Some parents usually bring cup cakes or whatever dessert. The girls had fun on Saturday and I’m sure they will have fun tonight. Sometimes some parents stay to keep me company, but mostly they just drop the girls off and pick them up.

These monster socks are pretty much knitting themselves!


I think they go so quickly because you have mini-goals to get a stripe sequence done or a colorwork section done. Am I using up a lot of yarn? No, it doesn’t seem like it. So far I’ve only gone through the gray toe/heel yarn and the current one with the wide stripes of green/aqua/blue. Everything else is used in such small segments so I still have plenty left in the bag! I see Monster Socks #3, 4, 5… All coming up down the road here.


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