Monster Socks #2

5 Jul

I decided to use up some of my small balls of fingering weight yarn and create another pair of Monster Socks.

There’s no pattern. I just make up some easy colorwork and stripes with whatever ball of yarn I pull out of the “stubs” I have in a bag. And, believe me, there are a lot of stubs! Enough for many pairs actually. However, the problem with these socks is you have to keep up with burying the ends of yarn.

Yeah, that’s a pain. But if I do it a few colors at a time, it’s not bad morning work in my pj’s.

Softball is officially over for the season. We lost three games in the state tournament. Gianna pitched and hit well. In the two games that she pitched, it was 0-0 up until the 5th inning and then the other team started hitting and we started making errors and it went downhill from there. But the scores were not blow outs and these were very good teams. Today we will have a swim party for the girls and finally….. Summer relaxing and projects around the house will start!


One Response to “Monster Socks #2”

  1. bsburgess July 5, 2014 at 8:44 PM #

    yay, on your summer vacation beginning. Good softball season overall!

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