Sewing & Softball

29 Jun

I’m to the point where I have to cut more fabric.


The large orange block on the bottom was supposed to be opposite. No problem – I’ll use it somewhere else.

We are still in the midst of the district softball tournament. It’s double elimination and we have one loss. We are playing the undefeated team today. If we lose, they are the champions. If we win, we each have a loss and must play tomorrow or determine the champs.

I’m very disappointed in the adults of this tournament. Yesterday, my daughter pitched and was having a pretty good outing. The opposing coach kept trying to get in her head by saying things to his batter like, “She’s wild. She just threw 6 balls in a row. She’s not going to throw you any strikes to hit.” Really? In what reality is that good sportsmanship? What classless adult tries to get into a 12-year-old’s head disguised as coaching his own player? It didn’t work. Gianna threw another no-hitter and we ten-run-ruled them in 4 innings. But still…. I am so disappointed that in that coach.

And the one game we lost… Our own fans were screaming at our head coach about his poor coaching. Their daughter wasn’t given enough playing time. I’m just an assistant coach, so I don’t make those decisions. But, parents? We don’t get paid for this gig. We spent hours coaching the regular season – practices, games, phone calls, text messages. Then we are currently spending hours on this tournament. But you all? Parents, grandparents, relatives? You all could do a better job at this than us. You all could ump better than the trained umps. Then get your butts down here! Volunteer next year! I coach because someone has to do it. I believe that girls need to see adult women in authority positions that they normally see men in. I also have a coaching style that’s based on fun. Relax, enjoy the game. Be silly, have fun. If I can get them laughing, they relax a bit. The male coaches that I’ve encountered are all about, “We’ve got to win this.” It’s too much pressure on the girls and they don’t perform well by yelling and life-and-death “don’t make an error” attitudes.

Anyway, enough ranting. The marathon sewing sessions I’ve been having helps me with the stress. I keep having heart-to-heart talks with my daughter to help her manage the stress. It’s just a game.


One Response to “Sewing & Softball”

  1. bsburgess June 29, 2014 at 4:12 PM #

    I totally agree with you on the bad sportsmanship both on coaches and parents/fans in the stands.

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