A Medal

14 Jun

We attended yet another softball tournament today. The girls played three tough games. They were neck and neck each game but didn’t get a single win.

On the upside, though, this tournament gave out MVP medals. After each game, the opposing team picks the one player that from the team they just played and gives that player an MVP medal.


My daughter received the MVP medal from the second team we played. She pitched an awesome game and had two hits out of three at bats. So that was cool.

The other cool thing was that a different girl got a medal each game for our team. And each was deserved. We don’t really have a single girl that shines all the time. There are quite a few of them who play hard and are great ball players. I’d worry about jealousy or about the girls getting big heads, but this group just isn’t like that. My daughter immediately balled hers up and put it in her bag. It was like she was embarrassed of it, but she didn’t want to appear to be a braggart or draw attention to herself. That’s the way these girls on her team are all like. They are just a nice bunch of girls. That’s rare amongst teens! 🙂


One Response to “A Medal”

  1. bsburgess June 14, 2014 at 7:18 PM #

    Congratulations to Gianna!

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