A Lot of Miscellaneous

8 Jun

1) It’s my mom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday to a great mom! She’s so supportive and wise and a great cheerleader for her grand kids.
2) Another softball tournament this weekend. Gianna pitched a flawless game and we beat the best team of the tournament 9-1. She struck out 11, walked only 2, and gave up no hits. But…. That was in “pool play” so we may face them again if we both keep winning today in the actual tournament.
3) I finally got my single quilt square done for the Scrap Squad recipient for MAY!! MAY, I tell you! Sheesh…. You get an entire month to make one block, but if just couldn’t seem to get it done. Here it is.

It’s called “Amish Star” and was a free pattern from McCall’s Quilting website. Christa wanted reds and whites and I have plenty if those in my stash. In fact, I need to cut more strips and squares from my red stash because I’m getting low on those.
4) I’m still knitting. I got out the lone sock I need to finish and am determined to knit just 4 rows a day. That’s a measly 1/4″ of the foot that’s being finished each day. It doesn’t sound like much but the sock will get done eventually right? And, I’m not starting a new project with this one unfinished.
5) No piecing, quilting, or appliqué has been touched. I WILL set time aside next week to do some of that!


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