Nothing Is Getting Done

31 May

Or at least that’s the way it seems!

I haven’t sewn in forever. I did sit down and tack two things down on my appliqué block then glued down the rest of the leaves.


After I get these leaves sewn, I’ll only have a few stems, 3 buds, and 3 flowers. That doesn’t seem right because it looks like just random leaves right now! But I double checked and that’s right.

There’s been no progress on the Sister’s Choice blocks either.

So what have I been doing? Working mostly. I’m taking two classes. One is on Cyber-Security to prepare for a new degree we are going to offer. The second is on VMWare. I haven’t started that one yet. I have three interns who started this week at their jobs so paperwork up the wazoo needed to get done. I am “teaching” an independent study class. Teaching is in quotes because it involves me putting an entire semester with of assignments online and the student completing them on her own. So there is a lot of up front work that needs to be done then I just need to check up on her progress weekly. She is making me nervous though, because she hasn’t even gone into the online class yet and she’s down to 7 weeks to complete the requirements now.

I’m teaching DJ the C++ programming language. I haven’t touched C++ in many, many years so I have to review each unit first. But it’s what he chose to learn this summer because he thinks it will be most useful to him in the long run. We make our kids pick one learning topic each summer and work on it with them. Gianna wants to prepare for high school math. Even though she’s entering 8th grade next year, she will go to the high school next year for Algebra. She’s a little nervous about it so we will go the the library and xerox some problems out of the textbook and go through the first few chapters to give her confidence.

Speaking of Gianna…. She is still I school for three more days but they aren’t doing much. So she started painting here at night. Just cuz she felt like doing it. Here is her first piece.


She used a piece of cardboard and paint that we had from painting walls. I like how the paint oozed through the painter’s tape a bit. Looks very tie dyed, I think.


One Response to “Nothing Is Getting Done”

  1. bsburgess May 31, 2014 at 9:15 AM #

    I see a modern quilt!

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