Hand applique

27 Apr

I snuck in some hand appliqué this weekend.


It is about half finished. I love it so far. It’s from a book called “Baltimore Garden” by Barbara Burnham. Not a single block is symmetrical. That takes such a burden off me. I always feel like symmetrical blocks need to be perfect and I drive myself crazy trying to make them perfect. I ultimately fail and get discouraged. This block is labeled A1 so I started with it. It’s the closest one to symmetry when you first look at it, but after you look at it for a while, you realize that it’s not symmetrical at all.

Anyway, it’s pretty easy so far. Except that little bud. That was a bugger. Three more of those and then four other kinds of buds are left. I’m using back basting applique for those. Most everything else has been starch over freezer paper. The flowers are fused and hand buttonhole stitched. I like the variety of techniques I’m using to get the job done.

What will become of this block? A pillow probably. It’s one of my many experimental blocks. I’m trying hard to remember the tricks of hand applique and making a few mistakes here and there. But I’m enjoying the ride…


One Response to “Hand applique”

  1. trkingmomoe April 27, 2014 at 8:43 PM #

    It looks wonderful. I know what you me about trying to make them perfect and all the same. Thanks for sharing.

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