Sock Progress

21 Apr


Socks always look funny when you are knitting them, don’t you think? They look huge but somehow they always fit just fine.

I’ve made good progress for only 6 days of knitting – especially since so much else has been going on this past week! I think I’ll be done knitting these by the end of the week. The yarn is starting to stick to my fingers so knitting is less appealing as the weather gets warmer.

Gianna is scheduled to have three nights of softball this week for a total of 5 games! I think (hope) that Thursday will get rained out. 😊 I work on Thursday nights and won’t be able to attend that game. I might be too obsessed with softball already this season. Her team is struggling but she is playing great so far. The team will come around. They need to get the jitters and nerves out of their system.

DJ took off on his spring break vacation with the band last night. I, of course, haven’t heard from him since. Boys…. I’m sure he’s in good hands and when he does call or text, I’ll have to make sure I tell him to check in daily to let me know he’s okay. He’s not very organized but getting better at being responsible. And there are plenty of chaperones on the trip. That’s what I keep telling myself at least.


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