A Rough Tournament

13 Apr

Gianna had her first softball tournament yesterday. They played three games and lost all three. They are a very “green” and were way out of their league with the first team. But they should have been able to hold their own with the next two. I think the girls just had a case of the nerves. Gianna made her share of the mistakes and by the third game, she was showing the wear and tear.

I got a lot of sun. The weather was beautiful! But today we are back to the laundry/groceries/normal life routine. DJ has a band concert this afternoon and I think that’s all that’s going on today.

No knitting. It was too hot at the ball field even though I had sufficient down time. So I’m back today trying to finish these gloves that I’ve fallen OUT of love with.


Even though the first glove is done, the thumb gusset doesn’t fit right. To correct it, I’ll have to reknit almost the whole thing. I made changes on this one, and if it fits better, I just may rip out that first glove and reknit it.


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