7 Apr

Softball season has officially started. Gianna’s travel team had an exhibition game (scrimmage) yesterday. They won 18-4. Gianna played shortstop for two innings. Her only play was a tag out on a steal. Then she pitched for two innings. She gave up one run, walked 4, and struck out 6. Then she played left field for the remaining two innings. At bat, she walked twice, got hit by a pitch, and TANKED one in center field for a double. So overall, it was a good game for the team and a good game for Gianna.

I was an unofficial scorekeeper. I have an app called Game Changer. It’s the coolest FREE app you’ve ever seen. You basically drag and drop every pitch, hit and play and it builds the scorebook and stats for you. Totally awesome. You can share the data live with the fans that can’t make it so they can see what’s going on. However…

It was stinking freezing out there yesterday. The wind was just blowing enough that it was bone chilling cold. Since I couldn’t wear a glove so I could use my app, my right hand was freezing. Hence….


I started knitting a new pair of gloves. The right index finger will be left open only. People will think they are funny looking but I need them! But it’s April, you are saying. It doesn’t matter. We play in open areas where the wind is strong. I always seem to have a blanket on my lap. These gloves will be warm and necessary yet this season, I guarantee.

I wore my Hitchhiker scarf in to work today, so I leave you with a selfie of how it looks on.



2 Responses to “Softball!”

  1. bsburgess April 9, 2014 at 7:17 AM #

    Love the scarf! Is that a pin? Good playing for Gianna. Can’t believe your baby is 13!

    • ginaquilts April 10, 2014 at 11:03 AM #

      The scarf is actually triangular so I use a pin to keep the ends in place underneath. I have a lot of pins from my 20s and what-not. I think that one is actually from Grandma Fisher.

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