Another Scarf

29 Mar

I started another Hitchhiker scarf.


The yarn looks blah but I think once the color changes happen gradually it will look cool. The colors right now are a light blue and khaki mixed which makes the yarn look,like steel. But soon green and red will be introduced. But it’s always combined with the khaki to tone it down. I bought the yarn at They have good deals and good yarn. The label just says 100% wool but it’s got a nice feel to it. I did buy three balls (maybe even four) so it’s the only yarn I have enough of for this scarf.

Last time I knit the Hitchhiker scarf, I couldn’t get over how quickly it started. I need 42 of those dragon teeth. Because of the way it is knit, the first 10 go so quickly because the rows are so short. By the time you get to row 30, it feels like the project will never end! Enough boring garter stitch already!

But, like I said in the last post, I wear my first Hitchhiker scarf the most so why not make another one? I checked my project notes on Ravelry, (gotta love Ravelry) and the last one only took a week. That’s doable….


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