Fifteen Minutes Here and There

23 Mar

I’m trying to fit even 15 minutes of sewing or knitting into my busy schedule. For knitting, I say, “Four rows.” The pattern is a four row repeat so that’s doable. Sewing it’s not so easy. But I’m trying to fit in a bit here and there for my own mental health. 😊

I’ve finished one sock up until the toe and can start on the foot of the second sock now.


My sewing choice has been these itty-bitty Wild-and-Goosey blocks.


Each block finishes at 3″ so I’m putting them together into 7″ blocks with the sashing strips in between. I think these 7″ blocks need to be sashed also. I have a lot more done than I thought. I can close the lid in those scraps in their bin now so I know I’m making progress.

The science fair went wonderfully yesterday. Gianna’s project was not chosen to move on to state however. She is very disappointed. It’s a tough life lesson. When you pour your best work into something, it’s disappointing when the results aren’t what you expect. I felt the same way with quilt shows. I knew the quilts I entered were good and the best that I could do. The judges comments were all positive – no negatives. But no awards. Why? She’s at the same place right now. Her judges said if it was up to them, she’d be moving on. They said things like, “…before the next level, you’ll want to consider this or that change…” Time will heal her, but she’s sad and defeated right now. We’ve all been there but time will heal it.

Like the Chicago Cubs, there’s always next year.


3 Responses to “Fifteen Minutes Here and There”

  1. bsburgess March 23, 2014 at 1:47 PM #

    Sorry to hear of Gianna’s disappointment but we know she’ll spring back better than ever. So proud of her hard work ethic. “Autograph your work with excellence.”

  2. Liz March 23, 2014 at 8:20 PM #

    Where did you get,the pattern for the loosey goosey? Thanks

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