Spring. Break Day 9

16 Mar

Yesterday was national Quilting Day. My husband said, “What? That’s every day!” 😜

Gianna went with me to Hobby Lobby to pick up some paper piecing papers for the Wild-and-Goosey blocks I was going to continue sewing. We ended up coming home with fabric for her to make pillows.




I made the center one because the fabric was a knit and a PITA to work with. But Gianna made the others. She has a bunch of pillow forms from pillows I’ve made her over the years, so we were able to reuse these to save some money. She has more to make today if there is time. She is going with gray, aqua, and yellow/lime as accent colors. The gray looks purple in my pictures.

I did no sewing/quilting on National Quilting Day. It was worth it though. I like passing on my love of sewing to her and her older sister. They are both “immediate gratification” types so I always pick small projects that are finish-able in a day or two.

I’m fighting a cold and slept 12 hours last night. I had taken Alka Selzer Plus. It’s my favorite cold medicine but it really wiped me out. I think the cold has won over my efforts though. I’ll be moving slowly today on my last day of break!


One Response to “Spring. Break Day 9”

  1. bsburgess March 16, 2014 at 12:50 PM #

    Get well soon! I’ll sew today in your place 🙂

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