Spring Break Days 5 & 6

12 Mar

My life is way too boring to post every day! Day 5 zipped by faster than ever. I got my hair cut (short) and colored. That wasted 2.5 hours! Then I shopped. That’s got to be my least favorite thing to do! Walmart and Joann’s. I came home and modified the two Cinderella costumes. We measured the kids and sent away for rental costumes. Cinderella’s rag dress was way too small and the ball gown was way too big! Any mods I made had to be basted in so I can un-make them after the play in order to send them back as we got them. Then there was her wedding dress. The ball gown is supposed to turn into a wedding dress by a reversible quick change thing a ma-jig. But it just wasn’t working. So I tried two different mods and I don’t think either one is going to work. Today, I even thought about going to Goodwill to purchase a wedding gown and modify that. But our Cinderella is a small girl, even smaller than my daughter. No way was I going to hack up a wedding dress to fit her in this short if time. So she is wearing her ball gown to the wedding. It’s blue. We will all live.

Every night I’m at play practice from 5:30 – 8:00. This poor director needs help. I think I’m sometimes a bit bossy and maybe mean but someone has to be in charge backstage while she is directing. And since I’m kind of a take charge person… I fall right into that role. I worry that the kids are going to hate my daughter because of it, but if they would just behave there wouldn’t be a problem, now would there. “Girls, this is not the time to do cheers. Sit quietly, play on your electronic devices. But don’t miss your cue!” “Shhh… One more warning and I’m splitting you all up. If you want to act like kindergarten kids, I’ll treat you like kindergarten kids.” You know, that kind of stuff. Sheesh… And I say, “girls” because there are only 3 guys on the play.

Anyway… Day 6 brought on vegging in front of the TV. I sewed two basket blocks (or maybe three). I knitted up through the gusset on one sock and will start the second gusset tomorrow on the other sock.


See how the yarn pattern “pools” in the gusset area? That’s the thing I hate about cuff down socks with patterned yarn. I like the afterthought heel because it avoids that pooling. But the “regular” heel fits better. There’s got to be another alternative way to knit a heel and prevent that pooling. They are only socks but it bugs me. Now the foot will have a similar pattern to the leg but you’ve got this spot on the middle that’s different.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I did the past two days. Not much is getting done on my “To Do” list. I missed an online meeting today because I was still altering dresses and lost track of time. I probably need to get online and find out what’s going on with work and such stuff. But for now, I’ll drink my glass of wine and relax and know that there’s no play practice tomorrow. I have the day to myself and can finish cleaning the sewing room and sit and sew some for my quilts without worrying about deadlines and what not.


One Response to “Spring Break Days 5 & 6”

  1. Becky in KCMO March 13, 2014 at 8:37 AM #

    I feel for you. I was drafted for costume help when the costumes for Beauty and the Beast were late arriving. We ended up remaking / making most of Belle’s costumes and altering / fixing many of the others. It is not an easy chore.

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