Spring Break Day 3

10 Mar

Yesterday, I was very productive. I spent 3 hours cleaning my sewing room. My sewing room is actually half of the basement. Most of the time when I clean it, it’s just superficial – moving one pile from here to there and just dusting surfaces. Not yesterday! I deep cleaned – moving every thing out of the space and scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees. I cleaned the tops, sides, and underneath surfaces. Unfortunately, I only got 1/2 the room done. I will go back this morning and spend another 3 hours on the other half. It looks great and feels great to sew in a clean, uncluttered space!

Not much knitting was done on the socks.


I put some of the Wild and Goosey blocks together.


I have 11 of those done and about another dozen units completed just waiting for the sashing parts.

I went to Gianna’s softball travel team practice for two hours, came home and ate supper, just to turn around and go to a city softball draft for the summer league. We aren’t really a sports family, but we do get into summer softball. I coach the city ball team with another woman. We drafted a good team. We can start practicing April 1. I hope the snow melts by then!

What’s on the to-do list for Day 4? I’m going to finish cleaning the sewing room. It’s going to be in the 50s today so I’m going to detail the car and take Hawk for a walk. Put in a bit of piano practice and sewing and knitting and my day is filled up already. Tonight I’ll be at play practice. There are only three more practices until the play performance. I need to bring my sewing kit tonight to alter some of the costumes.

Sounds like I better stop blogging and start cleaning that sewing room….


One Response to “Spring Break Day 3”

  1. Sonia Burgess March 10, 2014 at 2:51 PM #

    Awesome day!

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