Spring Break Day 2

9 Mar

I didn’t get much accomplished on Day 2 of my spring break..
1. I did a ton of laundry. I do a ton of laundry every Saturday though.
2. I spent 2 hours downstairs sewing. I have enough bow tie blocks done to put together another row. No pictures were taken yet though. I cut and cut and cut and cut. I’m getting pretty bored with that project already.
3. When cutting up my 2″ scraps for both the rail fence and the bow tie quilts, I noticed my scrap bin of small and wonky pieces was getting way too full. So I paper pieced 6 of these 3″ Wild and Goosey blocks. The bin is still overflowing.

4. Every time I sit down, I knit 4 rows on the socks.

5. I feel like knitting season is coming to a close. These socks and seaming my sweater vest will probably be my last projects of the season. Why? I have been getting the hand-appliqué, hand-quilting bug lately. I got out my Elly Sienkiewicz books and visited Sue Garman’s web pages and I just adore appliqué quilts. I keep thinking that maybe I should do some non-symmetrical blocks because it’s the symmetry that always gets me discouraged. I can’t seem to get that “perfection” I feel is necessary. Maybe I’ll do an entire quilt of vases of flowers. Those are not symmetrical and are beautiful. And time consuming. But I could make them large – 15″ or so – and only make one a month.
6. I started learning a new song for the piano. It’s “Irish Wedding Song” and I really like it so far. 😊

Day 3 has to involve more cleaning. I’m going to tackle my sewing room. I need to put my yarn in storage bins to clean off my long arm table. I need to dust and sweep and generally get that environment friendly enough that I want to spend time down there. Add that task to softball practice and a city ball softball draft, and that’s probably all I’ll get done for Day 3.


One Response to “Spring Break Day 2”

  1. Sonia Burgess March 10, 2014 at 2:49 PM #

    No….not flower vases :o)

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