Progress on the scarf

6 Mar


Every time I photograph this scarf, it comes out a different shade of green. It’s an easy knit. You start with the hard part, the lace. After that is complete there is a series of short rows in garter stitch. I thought there might be a mistake in the pattern because it says turn – not wrap and turn. But I followed the instructions and there aren’t any holes or problems.

I volunteered to help with the last week of play rehearsals for Gianna’s school. It’s 5:30-7:30 every night. I just stand in the back hallway shushing the kids constantly and trying to prompt them when it’s their turn to go on.

School is hectic as ever as we head into midterms. I spent a large amount of time yesterday grading. My students had a “catch up lab day” because we had yet another snow storm and in one class only 4 students showed up. How can I lecture to 4 and expect the others to get it through osmosis? This snow can stop falling and the temperatures can start rising any day now.


2 Responses to “Progress on the scarf”

  1. Karen H March 7, 2014 at 2:05 PM #

    Hi Gina – love your scarves. Have a friend who knits and will also love them so I’ll send her a link to your blog. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I wanted to send you an email but you are a no-reply blogger so I can’t contact you. I did answer your question in the comments section!

  2. Sonia Burgess March 7, 2014 at 5:12 PM #

    NICE SCARF. Shhh, nice scarf.

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