3 Mar

Freaking insurance! I have to carry two policies – my own from the college and my husband’s. The whole family is on Dan’s insurance but they required that I also pick up my work’s policy if it is offered. It’s a royal pain in the rear. Because the insurance companies can’t share information, I have to have identical sets of labs done for my “wellness” check-up each year. This year, my bruise from blood drawing wasn’t even healed from the first insurance check-up and I had to go to the second one!

So… Okay… I can live with that little I convenience. Today, I get a letter in the mail from Dan’s insurance. Due to my lab results, I have to go on a mandatory high blood pressure plan. This plan requires medication, yearly doc visits, taking my blood pressure at home,etc. I must comply in order to keep our current rates.

The problem? I don’t have high blood pressure! My results from this insurance company’s labs? 108/63! I’ve never had high blood pressure. So somewhere along the way, my results got screwed up. Now I get to spend the whole day tomorrow calling the number provided to get out of this. I think it will be a long ordeal because the company that provides the “plan” is not the same company that drew the blood. Both are hired out from the insurance company! Of course, the phone number is only manned during working hours when I…..WORK! So, excuse me students while I play this background music for you on my speaker phone so I can get this mess straightened out during my lecture and lab. I’m sure by the end of the whole process, my blood will be boiling enough to warrant their claim.

Knitting: the scarf I knitted up this weekend.


See why I described it as “earthy”? But it’s nice. I wore it today.

The new scarf has made some progress.


Gianna took both of the pictures above. I don’t know if she was dancing while photographing or what but they are both pretty blurry. I like to knit lace because every row is different and it keeps me going. I want to see what’s next in line to do.


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