Hectic Week

23 Feb

Last week was super hectic and this one mirrors it. Bad news: I am not going to get my vest done by the end of the Olympics. I wasn’t able to sit down and seam it together all week last week. I could have pushed it this weekend, but there was very little relaxing that took place in the past two days, and I need some good time slots to concentrate on seaming and nothing but seaming!

I did knit some on my socks.


One sock has everything except the afterthought heel done and the other has about 3″ to go before it is caught up to the first one. I’m able to sneak in a row here or there because this pattern is easy and the sock is small so it can go on the run with me.

I sewed for an hour this morning and although I don’t feel like I’m getting much done, the design wall is changing a bit each week.


I probably should have cropped out that mess on my quilting table but it want to get this post in before dinner and quick is better than perfect.

Next week one of the kids has Scholastic Bowl every night. I have a meeting one night and a class another night. I think I’m actually free only on Tuesday night! And that’s only because Gianna isn’t going to softball practice but is instead going to play practice. I don’t have to participate in play practice so I get a breather.

Gianna and her science fair partner made it to regionals. We were very proud of her. This weekend she is also in a piano competition and a band competition. See? Another hectic week ahead full of sock knitting in the car and while I wait for events to occur! Not much else but work to fill the gaps this week.

I’ll post when I can.


One Response to “Hectic Week”

  1. bsburgess February 24, 2014 at 5:29 PM #

    I’m exhausted reading about it! I like the rail fence on the design wall.

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