The Back Is Finished!

17 Feb


I am so happy to report that all my vest pieces are now finished! I had no trouble blocking the back to the correct size. I worried so much about what I could do to fix the back if it was too small. I need to trust the process! I finished it before supper last night but even after blocking all night, it is not dry. I put the overhead ceiling fan on this morning and I hope to be seaming the pieces tonight.

What’s a girl to do during Downton Abbey with no knitting? Start a sock, of course. I could have knitted on the diagonal scarf but quickly opted to try a new sock pattern out. Here it is.


I love it. It’s called Broken Seed Stitch. I’m using two different yarns. However, (and there’s always a however), I decided the last two pairs of socks have been rather snug. Mathematically, I can increase the stitches and still have a snug sock with 64 instead of 60 stitches. (BTW, you have to increase by 4 so you have an even number on each needle for the pattern repeat and heel construction). I cast on my usually 24 stitches and then increased to 64. But…. I think they are too big. I have re-measured my foot circumference and it’s 8.375 with the tape measure pulled snugly. At 9 stitches per inch, that comes out to be 75 stitches. Subtract 10% or 8 stitches for snugness, and mathematically 67 stitches should fit nicely. So why do 64 stitches feel loose? Rip out to 60 stitches or keep going?

The sole looks good – even with a few mistakes in the beginning.


Maybe I should sew while I mull this over. I don’t want to start the second sock until I’m sure that the number of stitches is correct.


One Response to “The Back Is Finished!”

  1. bsburgess February 17, 2014 at 11:57 AM #

    Wow, you’re an awesome knitter! The back is great looking and I’m anxious to see what the finished product looks like. Yes, put those sharp knitting needles down (before you hurt someone) and get downstairs and sew or quilt 🙂

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