Science Fair

16 Feb

Gianna has science fair in five days so our weekend has been consumed by helping her and her partner finish up their project. Tests were completed weeks ago and graphs were made. But now that they are interpreting those graphs, new graphs have to be created. The girls were having a hard time with the “Results” section yesterday. So I said, “just talk to me and I’ll type”. They were so hung up with proper grammar and wording that their ideas were getting lost. I just typed with IMproper grammar, fragmented sentences – just get their ideas on paper. Gianna thought that was cheating since I stepped in to help. She is so rule based! Now that they have something to edit and critique, they both agree that it was okay for me to help get them through that tough spot. I’m afraid, though, that we all forgot about a control group during testing. Today and tomorrow, they have to test a few more people for their control group. But besides that, I’m sure everything will be done by the end of the day tomorrow. The girls are very organized but they spend so much time worrying about what’s not done! Worrying about it doesn’t get it done. Just start kicking it out, and it will flow faster than you think.

I kicked some sweater butt yesterday!


You can’t see it because the sides are all curled up, but I’ve already decreased at the armhole and am on the home stretch. I have about 40 more rows to go (out of 140ish). Not too shabby.

I felt like dying some yarn yesterday also. I had some 94% lambs wool, 6% nylons yarn from a sweater sitting around. It’s a dirty, light gray color and I thought it should be a bright blue color instead. Here are my results.


The left 50g hank is two packages of berry blue koolaid with 1/4 tsp of royal blue food coloring. The middle hank is two packages of berry blue koolaid with 1/4 tsp sky blue food coloring. The original gray coloring is on the right. I have a lot of that left. I dyed another hank that’s still drying. It has only one package of berry blue koolaid and nothing else. I was trying to get a less intense, pastel color. It looks okay.

Now, what am I going to knit with this yarn? No idea. I think I’ll try a striped cowl/scarf. Or colorwork mittens. It will be a while before the sweater is finished, so I have plenty of time to mull it over.


One Response to “Science Fair”

  1. bsburgess February 17, 2014 at 11:55 AM #

    You’re the perfect person to tell them, “stop worrying about what’s not done,” since you’re the ultimate starter with no worries in the latter category 😉 I always just type and get the thoughts down and then the structure will always come later. They’ll use this now that they see the results.

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