The Back

15 Feb


The back is coming along very well. Except for two things.
1. Knitting cables makes my hands hurt. Actually it makes my wrist, hands, and shoulders hurt. I should concentrate on relaxing when I knit this part.

2. I added 10 stitches to accommodate for the amount that the cables suck in. I’m afraid I didn’t add enough. It seemed like a lot to add. The general rule of thumb I’m told is add as many stitches as I’m crossing over. So I added 9 for three stitches of crossover in each cable and then 1 more because it had to be an even number for the sides to be balanced around the pattern. But now as I measure it out, it’s nowhere near the 20″ it’s supposed to be. I think I can wet block it to size. I hope.

One Response to “The Back”

  1. bsburgess February 15, 2014 at 10:11 AM #

    I love it. It looked very complicated.

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