Progress Report

8 Feb


This is the right front. I’m 66 rows into it. At 90 rows, I get to start decreasing for the neck edge. Then it’ll get smaller and go even faster. The front is mostly plain stockinette stitch. I only have a small cable running up next to the button band. But the back has a ton of intricate cable work. It’s going to look cool I think.

Why put a lot of work into the back of a sweater? Because I’m a teacher who has her back or partial back to students quite frequently. So the back will be seen as much as the front.

I’m not crazy about this yarn. It’s thick and thin in places as is evident by what looks like uneven stitching on my part. It’s got 15% mohair so that sheds and after a while I can feel it in my throat believe it or not. But it’s good to experiment. And it’s a cardigan so if it’s itchy from the mohair then I’ll always have a shirt on underneath it so the fiber content shouldn’t bother me any more than Highland wool.

Dj has a scholastic bowl tournament today. It’s an hour away and it’s snowing so I opted not to attend. Gianna has practice this afternoon. Besides that, the weekend is pretty free. I don’t even have any grading to get done!


One Response to “Progress Report”

  1. Nancy February 8, 2014 at 10:15 AM #

    Love love love it as with all your projects. Is this one also from your computer generated pattern?
    Also is the yarn repurposed?
    Stay warm,

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