Following Instructions

8 Feb

I’m still progressing on the right front and stopped to pin it out to make sure I’m following the instructions correctly.


It’s not blocked or even pinned straight, but I just needed it to not curl up so I could visually see what was going on with this piece. It looks right to me.

When I make a sweater, especially a deep-v neck sweater, there is a lot going on at once. The patterns say stuff like “decrease one stitch at the edge every row then every 5 rows and at the same time….” That’s really confusing to me. Plus I have to follow the cable pattern uninterrupted.

So I write notes all over my pattern.

In the upper right corner, you see what row I’m crossing stitches for the cable. Over on the far left – which rows require decreases for the v-neck shaping. On so on. That keeps everything straight for me. I have a manual row counter (I do have one on my iPhone/iPad but it’s just easier to use the old clicker one) that I use religiously. I say, “what row am I on?” Then I glance at all these chicken scratches and say, “row 104? That’s just an armhole decrease? Or row 106? That’s a cable cross stitch, a neckline decrease, AND an armhole decrease!” Knit, click, move on. I check things off as I go along.

A very manual process for a computer science teacher, yes? But it works. Right tool for the job and in this case, the right tool is my brain and a pencil.



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