Let The Games Begin!

7 Feb

The Olympics are here so that must mean it’s time for the knitting competition known as “The Ravellenics”. (FYI – It used to be called the Ravelympics but the Olympic committee said to stop using that name and the ring symbols. What??? Something about copyright.)

The Ravellentics is a fun competition for fun knitting related prizes. It happens to start tonight and end when that other competition in Russia ends in about 17 days. I’m on the CustomFit team. There was no tryout mind you – just volunteered. The CustomFit team members are making a sweater each… In 17 days! Yeah. Why wouldn’t I join the sock team? Or the scarf team? Nope… I’m making a sweater of my own CustomFit design. 😊

I found some awesome yarn today at my LYS (that stands for Local Yarn Store). I actually didn’t know I had a local yarn store. Apparently, there is a store about 30 miles away in the town where my parents grew up! I visited it earlier today and dropped a significant amount of cash there. My DH will be sorry I made that discovery, I’m sure. Oh… The store name is Blue Beaker. The owner was marvelous. I might have bought some sock yarn too. But I digress…

Here is what I purchased.


It’s a very dark purple and it’s difficult to get a good picture indoors.

I knitted up a swatch already.


It’s drying now.

I drew this sketch.


Those curlies are the cables that you see on the right side of my swatch.

But then I remembered that I only have 17 days. So maybe I should make a vest instead. That would avoid sleeve purgatory and allow me to knit AND sleep in the next 2 weeks. So I might redesign something similar in a long sweater vest pattern.

I can cast on during opening ceremonies. I think that’s 7pm for my time zone. Wish me luck (and sanity).

And may the odds be forever in your favor! Oh wait… Wrong games….


2 Responses to “Let The Games Begin!”

  1. bsburgess February 7, 2014 at 4:03 PM #

    You are a nut!

  2. Nancy February 8, 2014 at 10:16 AM #

    So I should have read this post first. It answers all my questions.
    Still love the sweater

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