Time To Change

3 Feb

First Monday of the month so it’s time to change out the office wall hanging.

february wall hanging 1

Blurry iPhone picture but from far away it doesn’t look that bad.  🙂  The label on the back says March 2004.  Really?  10 years ago? Sheesh…  It’s machine appliqued and machine quilted on my domestic sewing machine. I didn’t have a long arm back then! Still a good office wall hanging I think.

Posts will be few and far between this week.  I have something going on every day and night.  Sigh… not much sewing or knitting or blogging.  Tonight we are splitting the Scholastic Bowl matches.  I’m going to one 40 minutes away to watch Gianna and Dan is going to a home meet at DJ’s school.  Immediately following Gianna’s match we are racing home to hope to get a pitching lesson in.  She hasn’t had a lesson in a couple of weeks due to her schedule and the cold weather. I hope we can get one in tonight before the coach goes back to work at her “real” job  – a nurse!


One Response to “Time To Change”

  1. bsburgess February 4, 2014 at 6:50 PM #

    At least it looks like spring in your office!

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