Sunny and Cold

2 Feb

The snow is over for a couple of days. Today is sunny and bitter cold. Dan caught Gianna’s cold I’m afraid. Gianna has softball practice (indoors) so I’m going to have to go in his place. But that’s it for braving the outdoors for me today!

I did sew a bit yesterday and again this morning.


I made good progress. I only need 4 more bow ties to create one more block and then I can put that row together. But I was out of pieces so more cutting was in order.


I store the small pieces in an old pencil box of Gianna’s. My goal today is to complete that row and attach it.

I got about 2″ of the monster sock leg knitted.


The heel will be inserted between the aqua and purple. These socks are just like scrappy quilts. I think I’m using up my scraps of yarn, but in reality I’ve only used up my purple. I still have a lot of the rest of the yarn!


2 Responses to “Sunny and Cold”

  1. bsburgess February 2, 2014 at 9:08 AM #

    Wow! You’re really going to town on the knitting and quilting projects! I feel so bad for you guys with all the snow you’ve been getting. I’m worrying about our house, but not enough to think about flying home to check on anything. 50’s here with rain for the next 5 days. Better than snow.

  2. Nancy February 2, 2014 at 6:53 PM #

    As always love to see your posts and all your creative endeavors.

    Stay warm


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