Go Away Snow

1 Feb


I’m over this winter already! See that picture? The snow is almost up to the seat chair! And it’s still coming down! I’m so glad I did all my running around yesterday. Dan said I didn’t get enough pizza for tonight but it will have to do. I’m not going out again today – mark my words.

I knitted too much yesterday. Granted I did laundry and grocery shopping, and cooked supper, bit I didn’t do much else. These socks are so addicting!


I almost have the whole foot portion finished. That aqua spot is close to where I’ll add the temporary yarn for the afterthought heel.

Gianna loves them (surprise, surprise) and immediately “called dibs” on them. They are loud and crazy enough for a 12-year-old, that’s for sure.

What’s going on with quilting? I haven’t really touched any quilting or piecing lately. I can only have one obsession at a time, and right now it’s knitting. But this morning I went downstairs for a short while (20 minutes or so) and sewed a bit. I’m still working on my scrappy bow tie quilt top. I have to piece about 20 more to finish the current row. I’m going to try to do that this weekend. That will be my immediate goal. Then I need to piece 88 for the next row on each side. That’s a bit daunting. One step at a time…


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