Friday Follies

31 Jan

We are still dieting – staying strong since the beginning of the year. I’m finally down to pre-Thanksgiving weight. But I have 7 pounds to go to “Weight Watcher goal” weight. DJ is dieting with us. At his last asthma doctor’s visit, the doctor suggested that he trim 10-15 off his weight. The doctor likes the Weight Watchers’ program too. My mom has been a WW groupie forever and when she turned Mia and I onto it, we are convinced it’s the best “eat-right-make-good-choices” plan out there. Dj has dropped about 3 pounds. He has it rougher than me because he eats school lunches and is on the road with Scholastic Bowl, pep band, etc. but he’s doing the best he can.

I couldn’t sleep last night so I started a pair of monster socks.


What are monster socks? These are socks that you knit using scraps from previously knitted socks. No pattern and they don’t have to match. (Mine do so far though.) I weigh the yarn and I figured out that 1g of yarn = 4 rows. So if I have 5g of yarn, I knit about 10 rows on one sock, then break the yarn and knit the same on the second sock. I throw in an easy color work pattern every now and then although it really slows me down because I’m rusty at color work.

You don’t have to limit your colors – everything but the kitchen sink can go into them. But I decided to go with blues, grays, purples, teal… No reds or browns. I obviously like those colors because here’s what I pulled from my stash.


Okay – there might be some greens in there too. 😊

It’s very addicting. I have to bury the yarn ends as I go along because otherwise it’s a tangled mess and it would take forever to do it at the end.


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