Vest Is Blocking

25 Jan


I was a little worried that this vest would be too small but the author said (and my swatch agreed) that the pattern really opened up when blocked. It did. I’m still worried about the length. Most of my sweaters are 14″ from the armpit but this is 13″. However, the armholes themselves are bigger since it’s a vest. So it should be really close. We shall see…

I liked the pattern. It was free, well written and easy to understand. I learned THREE new things: knots, inset pockets, shawl collar. She also had a different method of making button holes that I liked and will use again. I hated the yarn when knitting with it. The label said it was merino wool but it sure didn’t feel like merino, It curled up on itself and made it difficult to handle. I’d say it was overplyed but it was also very splitty.

I need to find or buy 8 buttons.


One Response to “Vest Is Blocking”

  1. bsburgess January 25, 2014 at 6:57 PM #

    Nice job! How about woven looking leather buttons?

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