A Day Off

23 Jan

Today it is -20 with the wind chill. Every school cancelled…. Except mine. Our college is a commuter school which means that we don’t have on-campus housing in the form of dorms or apartments. We are in the middle of nowhere surrounded by corn and bean fields. Students must drive (no public transportation either) 15-45 minutes to attend classes. Then they must walk from the student parking lots which are farther than the faculty and staff lots. I estimate the closest parking is two city blocks away. -20. Not much to block the wind out there either. But our current administration has a no-cancel policy. I just don’t understand it. I, however, have the prerogative to cancel my classes. So I did. I emailed all students at 6:30am and told them that because of the weather and the fact that I have a cold (which I do), I was not going to hold classes today. Over 1/2 of the other teachers did the same. I get docked for a sick day but technically I am sick so I don’t mind. I just wish that with these high winds and the open country roads that the students have to drive, the administration would just go ahead and cancel!

I slept.

I knitted.

I plyed cashmere yarn. Here is my setup.


It’s not the best picture but I have two center pull balls of cob weight cashmere in those yogurt containers on the floor. I’ve drilled a hole in the lid to feed the yarn through so I don’t get many tangles. Then I feed the two yarns through the spice top that’s taped to the table, that also helps to keep things untangled. Then I ply on my uber-cool wheel that my wonderful hubby made me. When I have a lot done, I use a cordless drill with one of those plastic bobbins attached, and wind it off the wheel bobbin that you see on the table.

How long does all this take? Forever. But it’s fun and I want a two-ply fingering weight cashmere for my next scarf project. I have about 100 grams in a bag and have about ???? A quarter of it done??? After the bobbins rest a day, I then wind it around my yarn swift and soak it in wool wash and hang to dry. This supposedly gets all the excess “energy” out of the yarn and it doesn’t kink up and can be knitted without problems. I tried hard not to overply so there shouldn’t be that much excess energy in the yarn.


2 Responses to “A Day Off”

  1. bsburgess January 23, 2014 at 5:56 PM #

    Hmmm…yarn energy. Might be on to something;)

  2. Artfully Sew January 24, 2014 at 8:31 PM #

    Wow! What a lot of work! I bet it pays off.

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