A Piecing UFO

19 Jan

I can’t decide on a quilt to start so I pulled out a UFO and started up on that.


These bow ties finish at 3″ then I put them together into 6″ blocks. Since they are set on point, I can work on both sides at once for variety and for speed. When I run out of the red setting triangle fabric, I’ll have to call it finished. I’m working on attaching that last row on the right side while piecing more bow ties today.

Will I actually finish this top? Who knows. My attention span is crap lately. But a little progress is better than no progress, right? My goal is to have a queen sized quilt out of this. I have too many lap quilts and need some variety on beds here.

I made a lot of progress on knitting my vest yesterday.


The pockets were easy so far. The pattern called for knots on the entire pocket but I chose to put a button hole in the top center surrounded by knots only on that top row. I don’t like pockets that flap open so a button will hold them closed. I think I have five more repeats of of those squares before dividing for the arm holes.


One Response to “A Piecing UFO”

  1. bsburgess January 20, 2014 at 8:55 AM #

    I’m usually not a fan of bow-tie blocks but I really like the scrappiness and the setting. Hope you’re able to get a queen size quilt. I agree with floppy knitted sweater pockets. Button is a good addition.

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