Mia’s Cowl

12 Jan

I am ready for classes tomorrow. I don’t know about Tuesday, but tomorrow is a go. I spent the majority of the morning yesterday finishing up the primary lab and then went to lunch with dan and Gianna. After grocery shopping, I went to the office supply store and got more things needed for my office and labs and took another trip to the college to drop them off. Whew… Today I am fixing someone’s laptop and preparing my online class. It only has two students in it so I only get paid $50 to teach it. I thought they were going to cancel it, but saw that they did not. They usually only let those classes go with 7-10 students.

On the knitting front, I finished unraveling and washing this sweater.


It’s 100% lambs wool. I started on Mia’s cowl.


Now, I’ve never petted a lamb so I can’t say, “It’s as soft as a lamb”. But I can compare it to a kitten. This yarn is as soft as a kitten, I tell you! I’m in love with the softness. I’m holding it double because the pattern calls for heavy worsted or bulky yarn. It’s a boring stitch – double moss stitch. I, of course, timed it. Four rows = 3/4″ = 5 minutes. My goal is to knit four rows every time I take a break from whatever I’m doing.

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