I Need To Get To Work

7 Jan

I’m getting nervous about next semester starting and I’m not ready at all! We’ve had two days now that the college has been closed. I might be able to get in this afternoon but I’m not sure. If I work through the weekend, I think I’ll be ready to start on Monday. Still… It’s making me worry.

I’m doing a lot of nothing here in Siberia/Illinois. I haven’t left the house in days because of the cold. I knitted a washcloth in too loose of gauge. I was too lazy to find my smaller needles and knitted it in size 8. Oh we’ll, it’s a wash cloth. I knitted while watching the two hour Downton Abbey episode 1.

Those ugly slippers I showed yesterday? They are warm! I will get more feltable yarn and try again with the narrow foot instructions.

I unraveled this sweater yesterday.


My oldest daughter wants this cowl.


I tried to ply two of the gray strands together but over plied them and have to throw that test hank away. I’m soaking more to try again.

That’s it. Nothing exciting going on here. Laundry, cleaning, trying to stay warm.


One Response to “I Need To Get To Work”

  1. bsburgess January 10, 2014 at 9:20 AM #

    I want one of those cowls too! It’s awesome looking in that variable yarn.

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