It’s Cold Outside!

6 Jan

I woke up this morning and the computer said it was -13 feels like -30. All schools and a lot of area businesses are closed. Cory is supposed to fly back into Midway (Chicago) today. I can’t imagine that happening. Even if he does make it in, his car is buried under 2 feet of snow.

I finished the felted slipper clogs. They are ugly but I used the only feltable yarn I had available. I didn’t want to go out and purchase yarn of these were not going to turn out.

They are drying now. Then I guess I cut the opening a bit bigger. Because they are felted, the fabric will not unravel. We will see if these are considered a success or not after they dry and are cut. They were simple to make but for some reason, working with size 11 needles made my hands ache.

I unraveled another sweater.

This was a Gap sweater and the color is mint green. It’s a wool blend similar to the last one I unraveled. I haven’t washed it or estimated yardage yet. I may get around to doing that today.

I’m trying not to start a new knitting project because I don’t want to get obsessed with something new when I am so close to starting classes. Small projects (like finishing up some socks) are taking center stage for a while.

I haven’t sewn at all and may get downstairs today to get some sewing done.


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