That’s A Lot of Snow!

5 Jan


I’m going to guess that we’ve received 4″ so far and it’s supposed to continue all day. The temperatures are also predicted to drop to -20 overnight! Gianna and I don’t have school tomorrow but DJ is supposed to. I wonder if it will get cancelled?

Yesterday I started unraveling those sweaters I purchased recently. I started with an Abercrombie and Fitch gray one that’s fiber content is 70% wool and 30% acrylic. The sweater tag says machine wash lay flat to dry but it was pretty obvious that this sweater had never been washed. I only unraveled one sleeve and the back, then soaked the yarn. It was filthy. Yuck! It hung in the bathroom overnight and now I can continue with the other half of the sweater today.


I am also making felted clogs for my feet (or for whichever family member’s feet they end up fitting).


I used wool I had on hand and then just read last night that white doesn’t always felt up very well. Crud! I’m going to finish the second one and then try it. I knitted the whole slipper continental.

And finally, I’m making a washcloth using these directions.

She releases 2 rows a day. Wash clothes are soooooo boring to knit. So this will make it less boring since I can just knit two rows with my morning coffee.



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