I’m Back

22 Dec

I’m back to normal and have a pretty good mental state in the days before Christmas. I’m one of those people who views holidays as stress.  But as the kids get older and there’s less pressure about presents and less running around, it’s not too stressful.  I just have to make time to sit and knit or sew to calm my nerves.

Today we are making Kringlas – Norwegian Christmas cookies.  We made some chocolate truffles yesterday. I don’t know if we will make cut out cookies or not. Depends on if we have time.  I’m going to spend some time wrapping the few presents we actually purchased.

Craft-wise, I finished my sweater.


It fits beautifully but the yarn is a little wimpy and doesn’t hold its shape. It’s reclaimed lambswool from an unraveled Goodwill sweater.  It acts kind of like cotton.  It’s warm and a really nice comfortable sweater.

I took another Goodwill trip even though I don’t need any yarn!  I thought to myself that I would only buy a sweater if it was 50% off, large or extra large, and I’m in love with the fiber.  I bought this one.


Extra Large with this big hood thing attached.  Not half off.

????????Fiber content is interesting. I’ve never knitted with mohair. But that combination is very “drapey” if that’s a word.  Soft as butter.  And dyeable.  The brand is Eileen Fisher. I see a lot of that brand and it’s always good fiber.  What am I going to do with it?  Who knows.  I’m unraveling it today and I’ll weigh it and estimate yardage then pack it away.

I finished my last scrap squad quilt and it should be on their blog by the end of the week. It turned out well. I was procrastinating on it because I wasn’t sure I loved the pattern. You know how that is? But I made a minor change to the pattern and ended up really liking it.  I made it in Christmas colors so it’s done in time for the season. I don’t currently have a single Christmas quilt! I’ve started a few but never finished any.

What’s on the schedule for the Christmas break? Well, I still have to move the two labs. Only my office got moved before I left for the semester. Dan and I are talking about painting the spare bedroom and getting new carpet put in. I’m all for that.  It’s a catch-all for stuff right now and I’d like to turn it into a real spare bedroom. I have a quilt to quilt for my sister (two actually) and one for our music/piano teacher. And I’d like to get another sweater knitted.  Sheesh… it’s going to be a busy break. I should get started.


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