9 Dec

The end of November and all of December is a month of numbers for me.  This is what’s going through my head and preventing sleep.

  • There are 11 days until my Scrap Squad #6 quilt is due.  I’ve had an extension already. It was supposed to be due last week! I have 2 borders and quilting left. If I add a border tonight and a second one on Thursday, I can quilt it all day on Friday and then I’ll have 7 days to actually write and put up the post.
  • There is 1 one day left of regular school – today.  I have 4 assignments left to grade. I have 1 final left to make up.  I have 20 hours of finals to host.
  • What? 20 hours of finals?  I am teaching a class for the first time in 6 years. I went with the schedule of the last instructor and he gave individual hands on finals for each student in the class.  I am doing the same.  45 students…. It fills all of Tuesday – Thursday plus next Monday. That’s just for one class.  I teach 4 others.
  • I have 6 days before my office needs to be vacated and I need to move into my new office.
  • I have 3 days after finals and before the college closes to move two labs worth of computer equipment and supplies to the new labs in the new building.
  • I have 1 instructor left to interview to teach a night class for my program next spring.
  • I have 1 Christmas tree up – zero (0) other decorations or outside lights.
  • I have zero Christmas presents purchased. (Presents are such a stupid idea that needs to be discontinued.)
  • I will not go to DJ’s Scholastic Bowl match again tonight. I missed last week’s also.  This week’s is over an hour away.
  • I have 6 wreaths to pick up tonight and distribute to people who purchased them from DJ for a fund raising benefit.  Since he won’t get home until late and the wreaths where delivered late, I need to get this done asap for him.
  • I got zero loads of laundry done this weekend.  I must get the bare necessities done tonight.
  • We ate one meal last week that wasn’t fast food. This week will be similar.
  • I cancelled Gianna’s pitching lesson tonight.  I have to attend her practice tomorrow in Dan’s absence if he is not able to attend because of work.

I could keep going on. But I’ll stop here.  See why I get so overwhelmed and crabby during December?  I don’t sleep.  Dan is “going live” with a new software module for his company today.  He’s been working day and night for two weeks straight.  Every weekend… every night. Sometimes from home… sometimes at work.  He worked until 6pm last night and then went back to work at 3am this morning.  Things are going well so maybe by next weekend that will be settled down enough that he can pitch in some more.

3 Responses to “Numbers”

  1. Nancy December 9, 2013 at 1:20 PM #

    Prayers for you and your family Gina, Hopefully the Christmas vacation will bring some time for you to enjoy with your family, but most of all the luxury of quiet time to do just what YOU would like to do even if it is nothing.
    Hugs and prayers,

  2. bsburgess December 9, 2013 at 4:44 PM #

    I’m exhausted just reading all that! ‘ll pick up my wreath sometime this week or weekend. Deep breath…

  3. Christa December 16, 2013 at 8:57 PM #

    Baby steps….you will get it all done!! Don’t pressure yourself so much!!!

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