Chicago Trip continues

29 Nov

Our Chicago trip continues on. Yesterday was very relaxing. We played three games – King of Tokyo, Settlers of Catan, and Five Crowns. I’m sad to report that I stunk at all three. Not that I’m competitive or anything…. But nothing brings me more joy than beating the pants off my family members. No joy yesterday. Instead I was beaten and badly. I must redeem myself soon.

We went to see “Catching Fire” at the Navy Pier IMAX theatre last night. This was out family’s first experience in an IMAX theatre. Wow. Loud and huge! This Hunger Games part 2 movie was much better than part 1 in my opinion. I think it followed the book very well also. I hate when they stray too far from the book.

Finally, I’m getting my share of knitting done on my vacation.


Train knitting, downtime knitting…. There seems to be plenty of opportunities for me to knit a few rows here and there on my sweater sleeves. The pattern is pretty mindless. This is another pattern that I made up and had Custom Fit generate for me. I’m using lambswool from an unraveled thrift store sweater again. It’s a heavy worsted weight – maybe even a bulky weight yarn. It will be a warm and cozy cardigan eventually.

Today? It’s sight seeing, shopping, a German festival, and a zoo trip (believe it or not) here in Chicago.


One Response to “Chicago Trip continues”

  1. bsburgess November 29, 2013 at 10:24 PM #

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. Enjoy!

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